Global Ban?

So Ive been globally banned from all namelessnoobs servers…WaW Bo2 on plutonium. I have done nothing wrong. It says I appear to be cheating…Might it be because I have a windows update?? Maybe because im using Voicemeeter potato? It makes a Virtual Mic. Im also Screensharing on discord? I just Swear to god have no cheats for any cod on my pc. The last one I played was WaW and I tried to get on this morning and I kept getting kicked. Tried the BO2 server and it said I was banned… My name on plutonium is: Cylence

I appretiate if you all could look into this cause this is the most fun WaW and Bo2 server I play on. I have never cheated in any cod ever.

Hello there.

Your account was flagged to that of a cheater that was previously banned, the system had a derp at that time and then banned you too. I’ve gone ahead and cleaned your account out, so you should be good to rejoin now.

If you have any issues, please don’t hesitate to respond here or on the Discord.

Thank you

Thank you so much. And thanks for the fastest response ive seen on any forums <3 You a real one

No worries! Have a good one.

//User Unbanned (Accidental Flag)
//Thread Locked