Thanks to your pal HeloStrike.I’m gone.
Got your wish.


Have fun.

Bye have a great time.

Farewell young padawan!

Go fuck yourself and never come back. :wink:

Good luck to your future :smiley:

Probably not a good place to act your age, seriously, no real issues with NN except the kids with Admin status who act this way, take it to PMs or staff, this just belittles NN as far as Admins go in open chat.

On a side note, I tend to speak my mind, I won’t apologize for that, if i get demoted for doing so then so be it, i’ll still donate for a good server, I just think “Mature” Admins should act as such and not disrespect any player who posts appealing a ban or decides to leave for reasons of his/her own.

Oh thank you very much. I really needed your opinion so I can continue living peacefully.

// Locked.