Goodbye Nameless Noobs Family

Hello to anyone who’ll read this, I’ve decided to leave Nameless Noobs because I haven’t been active these past few days due to the problems I’m facing ATM. I don’t have time to play MW3 or any other online games. I hope that when I comeback, I’m still welcome here. It’s been a good run for me here, I’ve made so many friends especially JM3D and Darth_Maul. I’m gonna miss you all, thanks for everything. Take care always and God Bless. More power Nameless Noobs Family!

Signing off,
[newb]Hash (Hashiyo)

:cry: Take Care Hash

Q_Q i will miss you brother. <3


Take care brotha :sunglasses:

One love <3

Take care and I hope what ever problems you have they work out well.

i don’t even know you …but take care Hash.

Hope everything works out and stay safe.

Good luck mate :slight_smile:

Nicely done responding to and 1 month old topic. gg