Got banned by you virgins

i go on mw3 to play some quick games you know having a good time and you geeks just ban me saying “nice wall” (i don’t even have a clue about wtf that is) on the server “Nameless Noobs 24/7 Lockdown” i do not care to play in your server run by immature children, that ban people because their getting whooped i just want my name cleared.- The Notorious



That’s gonna get you unbanned for sure

We are totally a staff group that is ran by people under 16 years old.

That sure is going to help you’re cause.

Fucking Genius , i want to unban you ‘Genius’ now for sure XD , but i cant coz im not head admin (that was salty) but that means grown up first, dduuude , and start thinking like an ‘adult’!.
Virgin :smiley: :penis:

i’ll have you know i am not a virgin


I thought he was only mentioning staffs… how is it ‘our’(your) secret? :3

SHH >.>

lol dafuq

I cant read what that mean guy is saying cuz I’m 6 years old :cry: :unamused: :unamused: :cry:

I feel you bud,not an MW3 Admin and don’t typically get involved in their bans but if you check your quote I did as you asked, I made your name “Cleared”