Got temp banned?

So I was playing SnD and all of a sudden I get lost connection then get kicked. I try to join back in and it says I’m temp banned for disrupting internal behaviour or some bs like that but ask anyone I dont hack.

How long is it for? Looking in server bans on discord and don’t see anything about it

I know this is late response but it was for only 10 min but it was just really weird to have happen

maybe a mistype on the admin. Or one of those odd system kicks that randomly happens to people. Sorry for the inconvenience.

That was probably the internal cod4 server anti cheat or w.e you wanna call it. It does that every once in awhile when you lag out or lose connection with the server.

I had quite a few mods downloaded over the years, ie typical server mods like ProMod, Zombies, etc, deleted them after this happened to me once, haven’t had an issue since, not sure exactly how COD4x scans but it may have been scanning my files plus the multiple mods and their changes to the game itself inside each mod, anyway, may have been the issue or just a glitch with COD4x, either way it never happened again.