Greatest freestyle ever.

Yo, Logic is one of my favorite rappers, i’ve seen him in concert last year and he did a freestyle, it was phenomenal. would highly check him out.

*p.s: all of his other freestyle are mad as well.

that was tight

The one when he solved a rubiks cube while freestyling is more lit IMO. :penis:

dude i have watched that like 50+ times hahahah

He is amazing!

you should check out his music!

I have most of it in my pregame playlist, his shit gets me so hyped for some reason.

i feel you man, he has like a mix of hype, chill, emotional side.

But i prefer this

[quote=“Amphetamind”]But i prefer this[/quote]
how have I not even heard of this?

lol now you did.

[quote=“Amphetamind”]But i prefer this[/quote]