Stopping in the forums to say hey.
Myself, family and friends frequent the MW S&D server.
We are an old UO Base Assault crew from the mid 2000’s.
Still trying to adjust to S&D and MW. We haven’t played this since 2008 when COD 5 was released.
Anyway, just wanted to drop in and formally introduce our group and say hello.
Hanz SS

Sup, welcome.

Welcome! Definitely have seen all of you around. You guys play well (:

What’s up dude, thanks for introducing. You guys are a good group and it’s been fun playing with all ya’ll!

nice clan, are you receiving new members , can i join? jk you guys know you are welcome :liar:

I’ve seen you play on the server, you’ve had good runs. Please pass me the undetectable wh to the SS :wink: