Caught GrimVK hacking a couple of times, He’s pre-aiming/looking where players are going to be coming out.

You’ll see in the video below how he pre-aims, Then holds his breath just as I’m about to show myself, If that clip isn’t sufficient enough to warrant a ban then let me know and I’ll splice together a couple more clips I caught.

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Second short clip:

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Like you said about not relying on the Killcam you might not think this one is convincing enough xD

P.S; If it’s not enough proof, Then hide this topic so only Admins can see it xD

Hey Kenai, thanks for the video. It’s definitely suspicious but we’ll need more evidence to make a final decision. Kill cams aren’t always the most reliable. If you have more video, please show them (:

Will do, There’s another clip I have where he prefires at me even though I made no sound/Couldn’t see me so we’ll see what you peeps think of that.

(Still looking at other clips I took, Plus the only evidence I have are of his Killcams since I didn’t spectate.)

Added second clip.

Hello Kenai, thank you for submitting your demo!

Unfortunately I cannot issue a ban on that player from the evidence provided.

We appreciate your efforts in looking out for the servers, and hope you can continue to do so in the future.