Group Limit False ban - we were mid changing of codes/removing access to base

In-Game name:

Date and approximate time of banning:
5/15/20 (around 12:00 AM EST)

On what server you got banned:
I got banned on nameless 2x Monthy

I got banned for group limit and so did my members. We were aware of the rules and just finished changing codes to the base. I was just about to put in codes I hadn’t put in yet and I got banned and so did my other teammates that were on. Is there anyway you could look into this for us? Thanks!

Hi there and thanks for the appeal. I’m the admin who (temp) banned you, so it’s only fair that I show my end as to what happened, so that you and your group are aware.

After I had recieved several reports that your team had possibly been breaking the group limit, I came onto the server and did a check of your house, where I found several doors and locks that had the maximum 8 allowed at one time, however there were still members inside the base that were not linked to these doors and those that were accessed onto the areas were allowing these unauthorised users access deeper inside the base, which had already raised my suspicions enough.

On top of this, I counted 10 user sleeping bags inside your base, which had not been touched or “attacked” in any way. Contrary to popular belief, you need to clear all the TCs, bags, codes and so on, so people cannot access your base, which means killing the sleepers that were also found inside the base who were breaking the limit.

I can see you stating you were in the process of changing codes, however when I look back at the logs, there were a few members of your base who attempted to bypass the 8 man system that go as far back as yesterday evening/night (my time - gmt). If the case were that you were changing codes today, I am confused as to why you had several members online last night bypassing the limit, even when there were members online at the time who were capable of removing the code locks and reassigning them right there and then.

I have notified the Rust HeadAdmins of this and are providing them evidence, however they may be unavailable at this time depending on what situations are going on in their personal lives, so it may take a few more minutes than expected.

Time is up, user(s) can reconnect to the server.

//Appeal Timed Out
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