GTA 5 Logic

Funny cause me and kill joy were just talking about this yesterday. :penis:

San Andreas ftw :stuck_out_tongue:

I saw a gif of a cop car launched into the air after hitting a pedestrian

they just hit superman :laughing:

^ thats still better than the beating up cats in the game

P.S. Arch u definitely dont wanna go in the game :laughing:

ah the good old days of burning the weed field before leaving for San Fierro :smiley:

True me and killjoy went to a strip club and then the game crashed. :frowning:

Yeah i heard about the cat beating, not cool at all.
The core problem imo is that, unlike attacking a person IRL, cats and animals in general are much more vulnerable to the acts of sick minds, and while doing it ingame will not automatically trigger an animal holocaust, it could definitely trigger a psychopath here and there.