Hey everyone lets talk guns. Whats your favorite and do any of you guys conceal carry? I currently carry a taurus model 85 ul .38 special. I shined it and its my baby.

My gun is cocked and loaded right behind my zipper in my jeans. It often gets confused for a :banana:. I do carry it daily and hand polish it once in a while.


I have my concealed carry. I do not carry often. Probably need to. My wife has hers too. She always carries. I have a Glock gen 4 23 I think .40 s/w and a Smith and Wesson airweight .38 special I just picked up that my wife will probably take from me. She has 2 .380’s a taurus and a diamond back. If she takes my .38 I will probably pick up a 9mm or buy an AR. Have not decided yet. Be a little while though need to do some work on my truck and build a new PC at some point. Both of which will not be cheap.

I was in the gunshop yesterday and was thinking of picking up a glock 43. I want something that I can carry some spare mags with yanno? Plus the .38 isnt the most accurate gun in the world. But im with ya there, definitely need to do some work on my car lmao

How are the carry laws in canada?

.38 special is a close range gun. within 6 ft. Which is usually the distance in a domestic altercation.

i have my sig 1911 45 acp but i dont carry that much very nice gun tho

Terrible. Too hard to explain really but basically.

Non restricted
Long guns hunting rifles limited mag size

Pistols limited mag size and where you can use em. Range only

Fully auto.

Why I stick to my :banana:

Yeah its not a bad gun, It was pretty cheap. I love it but I dont enjoy shooting it at the range. Feels like im just shooting into the wind yanno?

Damn, Ive been to canada before. Almost was killed by a tornado lmao. Getting off track though. Carry license in my state and county is so easy to get. We also have no restrictions on mag capacity. We can open carry without a license and conceal carry I was able to obtain within 1 week. Ar’s you can walk into a gun shop and buy one in 15 minutes. Its ridiculous. Ive filled out job applications that were longer than my conceal application.

Ive shot a rock island .45. Wasnt bad, I love the 1911 platform. Id prefer it as a range gun or car gun however

I have a Springfield XDm .40 Compact and i love it. Its sexy and reliable, and also has some cool features which tells you if there is a bullet in the champ and if it cocked.

Yo no tengo ningún arma, pero me gusta mucho la M14 :slight_smile:

This forum is English only please.

How is that? I shot a Glock .40 but it was a little too snappy for me

I personally love it. My brother is a glock fan and so he rathers his glock but i shot his Glock .40 and i didn’t like it at all. I just couldnt get a good shot with it.

Yep, Canada no concealed for general populace. I got restricted which requires permit to transport. You can buy armalite and other such semi AR type guns in 5.56/.223 and 7.62/. 308.
I have mostly hand me down long rifles/shotguns from my family, even my granddads Lee Enfield from ww2 which still shoots true.
Was thinking about a Glock 22. Cheap to buy and Fun to shoot.

Me and my brother both have a taurus model 85 lol. He barely goes shooting though. Maybe ill have to try the springfield. I always hear good things about it

Yeah that doesnt sound too fun to be restricted like that. My father bought a grenade launcher with basically no questions asked. He is however a corrections officer

Lol grenade launcher. For them really big deer