Guy wouldn't die when entire team was shooting him

This happened on the Broadcast 24/7 server. I do have video, though I am not sure how to get it here. I can send through steam or discord if needed. It was Logcabindave and it seemed like he had godmode enabled, though cheats aren’t able to be enabled on that server. He was not sure of why he couldn’t die either and eventually left. I am not sure if it was a glitch or if the server needs to be reset or maybe he downloaded something accidentally. I just thought I would bring it to your attention.

Could you please upload it to youtube or a streaming service for us to review.

Thank you, - He was back in last night and was able to die.

Might have been some kind of glitch but will keep an eye out.

Thank you Brittney

Its a glitch, I’ve seen it before. The player needed to exit out of the game and restart and it would have solved this.

As SgtT11B said, it’s a glitch that has been in the game for some time. I have seen it numerous amounts of times before. All that is necessary is for the person to be kicked from the server and when they would rejoin, they will be back to normal game mode. For some reason if you join at a certain point of the game, it gives someone this glitch. It only happens from time to time and I have seen people permanently banned for it because the banning admin wasn’t sure if they were hacking or not. You can ask the player to leave the server and rejoin, but who would want to give up being invincible? lol Another annoying thing about the glitch, is that you can’t pick up any weapons and once you expend all your ammo, you’re forced to run around and just knife everyone. But that shouldn’t be any problem since you can’t die. Hopefully this makes sense to everyone and it would be a wise suggestion to let the other admins know about it as well.

Ive seen it…Full Juggernaut

I’ve heard about this a few times, played this game forever, but never actually seen it.
So huh, that’s… good that it’s a rare occurence. It’s rather OP lol.