In-Game Name: ttvRCMatthews93 or rcm

Date and Approximate Time of Banning: August 18 2018

Admin That Banned You: B3

Any Comments You May Have: Was unfairly banned without any evidence provided. I wallbanged some retarded kid named “psyco” three times when our team was constantly rolling UAVs and he was accusing me of hacking. Shortly after, some admin waltzes in, bans me without even double checking me for proof, and then leaves without saying anything.

Go the NN discord and look up this psyco kid’s name, he has falsely reported a bunch of people, because he’s a salty little dumb fuck who sucks dick at the game and can’t tell a legitimate hacker from a good player. I hope he dies in a muslim bombing for being such a dumb piece of shit and manipulating people into buying into his stupidity. Fuck him.

I see you didn’t follow the proper link to appeal your ban, but my biggest concern is your appeal in general. Saying the kind of stuff that you said doesn’t help you in any way, shape or form. I understand you’re pissed, but there’s no need for that kind of action.

Looking into your ban is difficult on my phone, as it’s an old model that can barely run chrome to respond to this, but from what i can see, your ban was placed through nuketown and skidrow as b3 only, but i will dig deeper once I’m finished work

I’ll notify the admin team about the appeal and if the one who banned you comes forward before i get home, hopefully they’ll help you with little need for a wait. If it was me who banned, then my proof video(s) will be uploaded shortly, as one would have your name on it if I banned you.

I apologise in advance for this delay and will return in a few hours once I’m finished work.

I look into everyone reported carefully to make sure I don’t falsely ban someone. All my proofs are on YouTube so please state any other aliases that are banned so I can tell you whether or not it was me or not. Honestly it looks like it wasn’t me though.

Not home yet, but from what I can tell, your profile has been flagged as a ban on our Stock Maps Server for wall hacking. As this is a global ban, it has also banned you from our other servers too.

The alias you used at the time was “SkySoulCinema” and the ban was added to our database on Friday 17th August. Do you have any comments on this?

I was the admin that banned you. Here is my proof.



The clips CLEARLY show you tracing people through walls.

I remember watching this when it was first posted and agreeing with the thought that you were hacking as well.

Forgot this thread was open.

There appears to be no comments in addition to this thread, so I’ll leave it open for a little bit to allow a response from RCM about the above listed proof. If there is no response within 24 hours (or any attempt made, such as a message on discord or a ping), then the thread will be closed.

Once again, I forgot about this thread.

Over a week has passed since my comment of the 24 hour time-window for response. No attempt appears to have been made, so the ban will stick for now.

Re-appeal later, if you so wish.
Ban Appeal Denied!Appeal at a later date, if you wish.