Happy 3rd Birthday NN

Hey Noobs,

Today marks 3 years since the NamelessNoobs was founder / started or w.e you want to call it. It wasn’t always this busy here like it is now. We started with 3 shity tekno server’s and the rest is history. I would like to thank everyone that has helped with making this place great. This place wouldn’t be the same without any of you guys & gals. Thank you to all our hard working admin keeping our servers free of hackers and allowing our members to have a great gaming experience. So here’s to another 3 years of gaming, raging and fun times.

Once again thank you and cheers :beer: .


Well said St0rm😊

Happy Birthday NN :heart_eyes::fire::balloon::balloon::balloon:

wouldn’t have it any other way. glad to be a part of the family.

Happy Birthday NN! Glad I got to meet some interesting and lovely people within this community.

Happy Birthday…
and wishes for many more…
do we have cake?

Happy birthday NN Glad to be apart of the family. Heres to many more years cheers!

WOW! Happy birthday NN!
Enjoying my time in the clan.

Happy Birthday NN! <3 you guys.

CHEERS BOYS/GIRLS :slight_smile:

Happy birthday NN! I’m glad to be part of this beautiful family, we go for many more years!


NN is great with whoever moderate it , and who is better than the FOUNDER and some great global mods ?

gg guys :slight_smile:

Big thank you to all the staff members, clan members and people who play on our server’s. Without you, the world would be a worse place :slight_smile:

Happy Birthday!

The best clan that has the best staff and who exists in this galaxy.

Thanks to st0rm for the Foundation of this great Empire noobs :dance: :clap:

:occasion-birthday: NamelessNoobs

Happy New Year NN :derp:

wow 3 years!!. Thanks to all the members that make this a reality. I feel good about being able to contribute and I hope to continue helping this great family keep growing

Happy Birthday NamelessNoobs :smiley:

Ayy Happy Birthday you magnificent bastards :penis: :penis: :penis:

Happy birthday NN, thanks for being here so that we can enjoy your servers. Especially broadcast.

3 days late however i’d still like to thank everyone on our staff team for every little bit of their help we appreciate it.
Not forgetting about our members that come and chat with us on our discord, servers and forums.
Happy 3rd year NN.

:character-beavisbutthead: It’s a great feeling to be part of something so positive. I wish this clan a long and prosperous Future. HAPPY BIRTHDAY NN!!!