Having trouble connecting

I took a break from CoD4 for a week or two, and I’ve tried coming back to your servers in the past few days but I can’t connect. I don’t get any special message when I fail to connect (specifically to the 24/7 Broadcast server), it just says the connection has timed out. From past experience, this has led me to believe that my client is on a different version of CoD4 from your servers. I’m running CoDX 1.8 17.7 - have the servers changed versions lately?

And I know the server IPs changed a few months ago, that isn’t my issue.

Thanks for any help.

They did change. Took me awhile to find it today too. The IP is that is to the Broadcast server

Hey Bulbajer,

Yes we moved the server’s back to the US. You can find the list of all the IP’s here.

Well, I thought I had the updated IPs. But I guess I typed it wrong lol.
Issue resolved, thanks!