HC-SnD Map rotation

I know the reflex answer to this question will be that other maps cause the lobby to empty, and so should not be re-added - I presume this is why downpour & creek were given the axe, but there is support from the community for some of these maps to return if possible, I’m posting this after speaking with others in game who share similar desires to see a few new maps in the rotation. Today I was speaking with Supa and others in game about this on the HC SnD lobby, many miss creek. I know some don’t like Creek, but people complain about wetwork too and it rarely kills the lobby. At worst “unpopular” maps like bloc or wetwork usually just makes a few people leave, for many though they are a nice change from crash/crossfire/strike (even though they are excellent maps).

Could we get some new maps to spice things up, if possible they could even be given a lower weighting making them less likely to appear in the voting options at the end, but if they are not wanted then people would still be able to vote for a map that is played often. The game is very old, we all know these maps inside out, it is much more fun to play every map, I’d even be down for shipment as a voting option if it was to be very rare, just for the chaos. If you do not like the below maps remember, even if some were added back they still will not be voted for as much as the current rotation.

Requesting maps: creek, downpour & bog :allthethings:
Also these maps, but rarer too see(if possible): Pipeline, countdown :allthethings:





Not going to lie, I’ve seen it happen - especially when the server is getting quieter and the night is getting on, but these maps are not a death sentence the server, usually just a few leave, the game plays out and then we continue onto a more common map. I know it isn’t a super popular opinion - but I love every single map, and just want to see more variety in the game and I am not alone, I understand if you won’t add back some of the maps that were removed due to SnD balancing, but at the very least please consider bringing back a single map & do not remove any more. I am thinking mostly of wetwork/bloc when I say this, I even see people complaining about overgrown when its voted for at times which is one of the best maps in the entire game. Not exactly expecting shipment or killhouse to be added, but bog or creek work just fine. The very nature of them not being the most popular maps, unlike crossfire or stike would keep them from being played often anyway. You can sit in the NN server all weekend and sometimes never play wetwork for instance, even though you will see it many times in the voting menu.

The game is old, we all still love it but it would be so nice to even get a single new map added into the rotation.

Lucky, u know i love you but i hate creek.

unfortunately creek kills :frowning:
and I also hate that map. Too unbalanced and get’s too boring

Aye :heart: , I knew that creek most probably wasn’t coming back but after talking with some of the boys last week or so in the lobby I figured if I don’t ask none of them will - I asked for the moon with bog/creek/downpour/countdown, but in reality I’m just hoping that no more maps are removed from rotation and that maybe we could see a single one return later this year. From the discussion I had, creek seemed to be the map that was missed the most but then again some were asking for vacant/overgrown to be removed also (HERESY I SAY). I understand that you can’t make everyone happy, and that not everybody loves every single map like I do.

This post is just more of a record to let the COD4 team know that some of us do miss the pulled out maps, and don’t want to see the server become like many of the others out there with a very tight rotation of maps, when I first joined the community one of the things I loved most was the wide selection of maps that the other SnD servers just simply do not offer and I am sad to see them be plucked away like that.