Hello from Booce

Hi there, my in-game name is Booce and in real life Michael. I love playing MW2 had on the Xbox 360 almost 60 days playtime which i loved to spent. Finally, that IW4x exists I can play alot on the PC again with mods or/and certain maps. Missed that since 4Deltaone was shut down.

At the moment I live in Germany and I am also 21 years old, I also go to a university which i really enjoy.

Greetings :slight_smile:

Greetings Booce!

Glad youโ€™re enjoying the servers. Nice to meet you and we hope you stay for awhile!


Hello Booce,
Welcome to NamelessNoobs :wink:

Hello Booce. Welcome to NN

Hey Booce! Its nice to meet you,
Welcome to Nameless Noobs. Hope you enjoy your stay!

Hello and Welcome