Hello from KHRONE

Hola amigos,

Juego S&D en COD4

Ingles es mi primer idioma, porque soy de USA. Estoy aprendiendo espanol para poder hablar con mis vecinos. (Nestor y otros, gracias por la ayuda!)

Tengo 33 anos, casada con 2 hijos, trabajo como un perro :hamster: , uso Photoshop y computadora, pero me encanta jugar juegos a veces. Soy voluntario en mi comunidad regolarmente (Si no te importa una mierda de tu vecindario, nadie lo hara :sir:).

Gracias por los juegos! Nos vemos en el servidor! :skid:

Ohh… Como me meto en Discord? How do I enter Discord? I think the server is not listed here.

Hi Khrone, nice spanish!

You can find the discord server info on the portal page, should be on the left side!

And also on every page at the footer (scroll all the way down to see the discord logo, then click it)

Saludos a Nestor, abrazos.


Arabic pls, i cant read

(Sorry, I only know “Hello” السلام عليكم )

In English as requested:

Hello friends,

I play S & D on COD4

English is my first language, because I am from the USA. I’m learning Spanish so I can talk to my neighbors. (Nestor and others, thanks for the help!)

I am 33 years old, married with 2 children, I work like a dog: hamster: I use Photoshop and the computer for work, but I love playing games sometimes. I volunteer in my community regularly (If you do not give a crap about your neighborhood, no one will: sir :slight_smile:.

Thanks for the games! See you on the server! :Skid:

Ohh … How do I get into Discord? How do I enter Discord? I think the server is not listed here.


Hello and welcome.

Here is the discord invite