Hello from Pakishaa

Hello everyone :slight_smile:

So, i see lot of u guys introduce yourself

My real name is Nikola, if u wonder why my nick is Pakishaa it comes form my last name, i dont have some badass PC like most of u guys have ( Intel E2180, 2GB DDR2 RAM, Nvidia GeForce 7300GT( if you wounder how the f*** i run MW3 i can only say MAGIC :owl: )). Finished high school for electronic ( making custom PCB-s for audio components, fixing medical equipment, knowing to work on oscilloscope…). I am driving motorcycles since 13 y/o and now i have my own motorcycle ( Suzuki GSX 600F) and knowing some mechanic, currently i am trying to make improvements on the servers (getting that cheaters reported).

So if u guys want to know something more about me just send message on Discord.

P.S. i am stealing this emoji :owl: :smiley: