Hello I'm Rem-Chan

Hello everyone I’m Rem-Chan. I mainly play on Cod4, a lot of Cod4 admins already know me. I have been playing cod4 since release. I used to be a former admin for JFF for close to 3 years. I am currently a admin for IceOps but am planning on leaving and joining here because my ping on their servers is close to 200. Any questions are welcome I’m sure there will be some. :smiley:

Thought your ping was around 120 :wink:

P.S; Just don’t forget to say a good farewell to everyone xD


You need to apply to become a member. At a later date, you can apply to become an admin as well. Good luck!



Eh, by join I just meant join the community not become an admin, at least I wasn’t planning on it right now. I recently moved to San Diego so my ping has increased a lot and it’s rather annoying to say the least.

Ohh, didn’t know that. That’s a bummer but understandable xD

Welcome to our forum. Glade to hear you like our servers.

Welcome! Hope to see you in game

welcome to the forums and i hope to see you in game real soon