Hello, Need Help / Introduce

Hello All, I am looking to jump ship to NN & Sail, Application is in progress and looking well besides 1 vote to the dark side so far, However I can see why and no hard feelings. But dont worry Fade I aint rubbin anyone the wrong way. Your just lookin to protect what your involved in and dont want just any Joe Blow dippin into your cookie jar :snooty: How ever like my Application stated I just wanna have fun and be part of a good group of guys !

Okay now for the help part, I would like to know how to get onto discord, Also what is the progress of becoming server admin & what happens after application is accepted to become a NN member.

Fire away with any answers you feel wiil help !

Thanks !

First step would be to join our Discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/gc3CeH

You must be active on Discord if you want to be an NN Member.

Once your application is accepted we will set you as a clan member on our forums/discord and you have to wear [NN] tags while in game.

As far as admin goes, you have to be patient and wait it out. Admin privileges are only given to those who are active and involved in our servers and communication channels.

Like I said, join our Discord… first step.


Joined Discord. & Understood Thanks Fade, But dont sound so angry ! Lifes to short my friend :wink:

Haha yeah Fade why so serious ? Lol.

Fade gey