Hello, It has been at least 4 years since I played Call of Duty 4. But before that I played just about every night. I was in a clan called Screaming Eagles. And I have not been part of that in a very long time and I am not sure if it is still around. I am wanting to get back involved with COD4 as much as I can.

I am 38, live in Colorado now. But born in Fort Benning Ga. and raised in Alabama. Hope to get to know some of you all and play with you. My game name is Ghosthunter. I used to run a well known paranormal team back in Alabama. Now I work as a Bartender as well as own an Indie Film Company.

Hello Ghosthunter. Please join us on discord https://discord.me/namelessnoobs

very interesting

Hello Ghosthunter :slight_smile:

Hello i too am from colorado :slight_smile:

What part of Colorado? I am in Brighton…Think that is north of Denver. I am from Alabama and it looks like it is north of Denver…LOL

Coloroda is dope I go to Breck every winter. Welcome to the Noobs army

im from the springs i used to snowboard in breck couple years back, and oddly enough one of my closer friends who occasionally comes to play ragequit simulator is from Brighton