Hi, I am Color Spark, and I am new here. I was forced at gunpoint to join by the higherups, they also stole my dog and held it hostage to make sure I posted here. I did not even know I owned a dog until then. Anyway, since I am here I may as well say some stuff about myself. I am an amateur artist and metalhead, and occasionally I play video games of the Call of Duty variant.

Here is photographic evidence of one MyChrysalis holding me at gunpoint.

I cannot confirm nor deny the presence of any dog in my custody. However, allow me to be the first to welcome you to our humble abode!


Welcome to the Thunder Dome Bish!

Hey there! love the artwork! Care to show or link some more?

I would, but 80% of it isn’t allowed here.

Great to see you on here. No doubt you will be accepted! https://namelessnoobs.com/apply.php ^^^ Click to apply for membership. :smiley:

DM? I’m a avid anime picture / NSFW art collector so the more the better! Would love to see what else you have.

I’m late to the party but is that your picture you drew? Looks awesome! :slight_smile:

Send me all the hentee you own :gun: lol. Welcome mate.

heey, welcome to Hell :heart: