Hello! i go by jayjay been playing cod 4 since the day it came out. i took a break for a while because life got in the way of the games. I was a member of the clan called GBR for 5 years, i was a server admin for 4. they disbanded a couple years ago, and now im looking for a new clan. i really enjoy clan gaming, playing with other people is more fun then playing alone, before coming here i was playing mostly with Fatal Forces, and after a month of not hearing any update on my application status i figured it was time to look elsewhere. i really like that you guys arent just focused on one single game. i think its very important to keep a gaming community going. See you around -JayJay

Considering you created your account today. I Haven’t seen a membership application. Feel free to apply for membership. You can apply for admin at a later date. After you show how active you are.

Please apply at the link below and ping @MWadmin when you join our discord.


Discord: https://discord.gg/5ejAJ88

i havent applied yet, figured id just be a part of the community for a week or two before i apply, thank you though

Welcome to the forums! Hope to see you playing soon!