In-Game name: DAGAME

Date and approximate time of banning:?!

On what server you got banned:lockdown 24/7

Why should we unban you: I tried installing this dll offline trick shot mod but it went online and i didn’t know what happened i tried asking for help but the admin said i was hacking and banned me before i could say a thing

I think ill just get rid of the offline mods so they don’t mess up the online experience for others.

So… You use hacks :slight_smile:

Second funniest ban appeal ever to be made on here.
Good luck lmfao.

This might be my second favorite ban appeal yet, first being “My brother used h4x, not me, pls unben

This is wonderful! xD

This is pretty funny as well in my opinion, the way Andrew rekt him.

You admit you were trying to use some dll :facepalm:
guess what…