Hey ADMIN can you please un ban me from server lockdown

I am very sorry because I used wall :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: Believe me, I will promised don’t use this wall please unban server my name in the game :droskh

Please forgive me, because I made a mistake in your right, give me a second chance
Thank you for your attention and cooperation

I hope I did not disturb you
Please respond to it

Thank you for your attention and cooperation

The fact is: YOU USED WALL. The ban is your punishment.

Well I understand that you made a mistake, you’re human, humans make mistakes all the time.I know that you won’t use it anymore and that you are very sorry.I know you regret using it. So we will give you one more chance.


g8 pranks m8 r8 8/8 xD

Oh, that’s just cold Andrew. Haha.

Please, I’m really sorry and will never use it believe me

I hate people who hack, I mean like how could you enjoy the game out of that? You hacked. And do you know what hackers get? Banned. That is your PUNISHMENT. So, NO

I’ll tell you I’m very sorry and will not repeat them beg you one chance, and I do not like to use hacker try my endowments and took punitive
Please give me another chance if allowed

Did you even read what I wrote