Hey there

My name is ReD and I’ve been playing on both MW3 and Cod4 NN servers for a while now (very great experience btw), and I’m actually in the clan now.

I’m on NN 24/7 Lockdown at least once every day and I am pretty competitive at it, making it to 1st place on it’s xlrstats page, so if you catch me on there feel free to say hi and maybe even go for a moab on me. Also, if you have any suggestions for fun classes that I should try out feel free to leave them in the replies and I’ll try them out, please don’t give me super hard classes but I will try some challenging ones.

Wanted to make this because I never did before applying and so I thought that I should at least introduce myself so people get a better idea of who I am.

nice to meet you, in my opinion the best gun for cod4 for is Ak47 and bandolier and deep impact to do wallbang :shifty: i played mw3 for like 2 months I do not even remember what classes I used :doh:

mmm what if you use a machine gun with milliria aocg. The truth I do not know if s epueda, I’ve never tried it lol

Hello there!
(Insert star wars meme)

Hey ReD, great to see you around. Hope play with you orb man (:

Hi there.
Enjoy your stay.
Be cool.

I’ll give you a slightly challenging class
p90 (not pp90) suppressed with range
the last auto pistol suppressed (haven’t played in months)
semtex, port radar
Steady aim
Killstreak : specialist of your choice :smiley: