Im Ash or "There’sAGHOSTMissing, I have recently joined the NN community from cod ghost. Cod Ghost used to be one of my fav cod games when I was younger, Due to the recent steam sale I decided to pick up the game. I also play other cod games like IW or MWR, I also love IW although The game is kinda dead on pc (lets hope there’s a modded server client being worked on :cheekyn: ). I have started to play on the nameless noob community a lot now, for around a hour or two per day. Some other things about me is that my favorite ice cream flavor is Rasberry sorbetto. Hope to be apart of this community a little more, and lets hope cod ghost gets a little more players.

-Cheers!, “There’sAGHOSTMissing” :derpyj:

Welcome to the community and happy gaming ! :grinning: