Hi.... - Discussion from DeadWeight

Hi i’m bored lets have a discussion about something lol. :epic: :facepalm:

How about ***** and **** ??

what? :pokerface:

talk about the birth of a lion

Anyone watched Fear The Walking Dead?

What is the meaning of life ?

Lets talk about the day a god was born. His name was st0rm. Nobody knows what exact day this god was born. Legend says that his mother was a virgin(but she was really a whore) That’s the legend society wants not the truth. The truth is st0rm was not always a god but he was a goddess and every 4th week of every month you must avoid contact with st0rm and avoid @st0rm or suffer the dire results of a painful long full death.

Edit Idk what the fuck I just typed!

Bullshit :stuck_out_tongue:

The meaning of life is to be a noob and be apart of Noob Nation. :omg: :ok: :allthethings:

Let’s talk about Chicago1234ish and how he’s a native english speaker but still used “you’re” in this sentence.


Bruh that ain’t even fair ain’t nobody speak English anymore we speak murican

Wait you mean to tell me i’ve been using “You’re” the wrong way all the time and that it doesn’t mean “You are”?

Same dude :penis:

What the fuck is going on?

Nobody fucking knows :nyancat: :omg: