Hi Guys

Hi guys, I play IW4 daily and my favorite server is the NamelessNoobs 24/7 Terminal Server. I am in the NamelessNoobs discord as well. I was wondering what I need to do to obtain Admin so I can prolong my enjoyment of the game. Any suggestions or tips? :epic:

Hello. Welcome. Just like anything in life be patient, be active, and don’t do anything stupid.

Welcome to NamelessNoobs


In order to be admin on server, you need to join NN and be a active member. Then eventually you may be promoted to admin.

Welcome to NamelessNoobs! I hope you enjoy your stay!



hi there welcome enjoy your stay and play fair <3


to be admin?..

  1. Respect everyone with no exception and patience. If you join us as a clan member and prove us to deserve the admin rights we’ll know how to pay you back

  2. Be active and please play fair. other than that welcome and enjoy your stay here