Hi I'm Majestik grateful to be a part of this team

my am Mario Providence Lionhead on iw4x …please lift this ban i love your work and want to support you a lot more my newphew cheated in this game before iw4x and we have one ip address
he was banned from your servers was not cool since i cannot play any other games on your servers for life or anyone in my household because of him i would make sure this ip is not giving you any trouble i assure you . [IP removed for Safety Reasons - Chryssie]
iam 40 yrs old and love gaming i never was a cheat and dont support it please help if possible…

As stated in your past ban appeal.

We do not unban people caught cheating our servers.

Hello and thanks for your appeal.

As st0rm has mentioned (and linked above), your previous ban appeal was denied and closed because your account was caught cheating. Please note that your account is your responsibility and so any actions taken on your account will come back to you, whether it was you or not. Because your previous appeal was denied, this one will be denied aswell.

Also, I have taken safety precautions and removed the IP address you listed in your post, to avoid possibly abusing it and for safety. Please avoid posting such information publicly.

//Ban Appeal Denied (Previously denied)
//Thread Locked