Hi! nice to meet you, new friends :]

I just saw the “Introduce Yourself” forum so here’s just a short introduction of myself for those who want to know more about me who haven’t really got to know me yet :]

My name is Terry. :]
I’m 22. :] (yes i’m old but i will ALWAYS play CoD4 a.k.a the best cod to ever exist IMO)
I’m a PROUD member of NamelessNoobs Clan (hopefully soon to be PROUD NN Cod4 Promod Admin! <3)
I am a musician. (I play/write with the guitar mainly but can play many instruments)
I love Promod lol :] <3

That’s basically it lol i don’t have many friends cause i like to keep my circle small so in my free time I just like to game and play in my favorite NN servers and write/play music for the most part!

Youtube Channel for my guitar stuff: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCieYcXe9twDwsFUt8QLBzbw

Thank you for taking your time to read this short introduction of my lame life :wink:

If you subscribed to my channel then <3 <3

realest? damn Texans, can’t speak for real unless you sad buggers have a steak in your mouth…

I don’t even say that word ever I just threw that in there some how that’s what I came up with lmao.

I changed it just for you bby :wink:

Welcome to the family brother :penis:
Nice guitar skills btw

Holy shitzzz marry me and i promise u a spot on the billboards :stuck_out_tongue:
Just kidding, welcome to the fam brotha :smiley:

Ahaha thanks for the warm welcome guys :heart::heart::heart::heart: