Hey, I’m Sparx.

I’ve been playing S&D here for a week and the experience has been cool so far. I used to play Cod4 back on PS3 in and around 2007 - 2010, had it sitting in my steam library and my CSGO skills have proven pretty worthy so far looking at the xlrstats :dealwithit:

Other than that, I’ve had my fair share of experience with clans and communities. I used to manage my own and administrate multiple of them including a large SAMP community with over 225,000 forum users. I’ve recently decided to “retire” from most of those shenanigans and focus more on chilling out on the internet, programming and actually working on myself :4everalone:

I’ll likely be on the S&D server, I’m from GB so say Hi if you see me!

How good are the you at programming?
And what languages do you know?

I didnt see u. But i gonna say HI anyways.

Decent enough. My most recent program is a discord bot written in c#, discorddotnet and htmlagilitypack that verifies identity on whatever forum you choose (phpbb, ipb, xenforo) and grants discord permissions / whatever really based on that. Unique ID codes are stored to the user and crosschecked. Here’s some screens if you’re interested.

Other than that, I code mostly in c#, lua, pawn, SQL and a tiny bit of html/php. I also mess about with graphics design on c# windows forms to implement shit like executable UCP / Admin panels or whatever client thing I’m interested in creating.

:nbad: I’ll likely get to know more people as I play more.

Welcome to the forum.


Have fun.