Greeting from Unicologic! I’m a college student who live in Massachusetts. I have been playing (on and off) on NN COD 4 servers for a while. I mostly play(ed) in NN, Net-Jam and RE (RIP :frowning: ). I have great interactions with a few NN members and players, and really enjoy my time in the game. Thank you for hosting these servers, and I might chip in sometimes to help!


NN is the best server on CoD4 IMO, HC SnD is pretty rare with decent ping if you live in the west atleast, the mods don’t power trip and can take banter as well as they dish it out. Hope to see you in the SnD server with us sometime m8 :skid: we’ve got the bomb!

I haven’t played SnD that much (I’m bad at it), might join at some point! I spend most of my time in TDM servers

Its nice to see our normal TDM server also having more players in it. Also welcome to the forums!

Welcome and thank you for playing in our servers! :slight_smile: