Hide and Seek Prop-hunt server.

The concept of the mod is really simple, it is the same as other props mods in other games. The hiders can disguise as objects, and hide on the map (or they can even use seeker camouflage). The first player connecting to the server will be the seeker, and at the beginning of each further round the last hider of the previous round will be.

So what does this mod offer? A funny game-play, without cheaters and crying kids, where neither your FPS or your ping matters; Here you also have the time to do anything else while hiding, if you are not in the mood for chatting or flustering.

But certainly it’s not all, here is a short list of the main features:

  • You can choose from many models as a hider, which are different on every map to fit the environment!
  • Some object can be edited. For example you can select, what items do you want to be placed on the shelf you are hiding with, and certainly their position too.
  • You can earn new ranks, items and abilities. For example, from level 40, you can knife the seekers as a hider!
  • Rank based player customization, which contains death effect, player model, music, weapon, and weapon painting!
  • Many exciting challenges!
  • You can resupply with care package.
  • And much more!

I know for a fact there are over 100 players,who are waiting on a good prop hunt server to be back online since the biggest one died.
It’s a great way to get donations,for VIP in the server which gives the player an m14 assault rifle,blue tiger skin and dog as a hider.
I don’t think b3 would be a good idea for this type of server.You should probably go with Manual Mod menu,since b3 kicks for every little thing.
Please let me if you guys like the idea or dislike.
There are loads of COD4 prop-hunt videos out there.
Of-courses here is one with me in usual 1st place: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b8yRDn3kcWE at 1:23 :mrgreen:
As I said before there are loads more and with me in some as VIP Dogge :mrgreen:

Thank You for your time.

OMG your famous that nade in the start :slight_smile: Lets do it if u can get am all the server files i will put one up no problem.

Fuck ya!

Leave a +1 if you like,or -1 for dislike.

+1 for me dude :slight_smile:

@st0rm My friend Elizbob said,to use stat id 557 in server.cfg.He said it’s the old server’s id and will allow the old players to rejoin with there previous levels.
Thus having less work to reset players to there old level.
You can remove the players VIP so they will donate to get it back,making a profit.

Done please check if your rank is back.

Yes,but Error: Could not load material " ".

Here you see i can play with my 112 profile,which all challenges have not been completed.If you find a way do remove challenges I think it will probably work,then have like a bot reset your challenges back to normal.So the server will register that you are a old player.

My friend said he’ll be willing to mod the server.cfg for us anytime.He got VIP and most players level back.
If H&S ever come’s back alive it would be great.

Ping Can this happen? (remove HC MIX server)

Bruh, 7 years later X_X

bringing back the classic mods?