[How To] Fix Black Screenshots on COD4

We have a screenshot system to monitor all players on every server and there is an issue with a lot of players having black screenshots when playing and its all because of “Anti-Aliasing” AFAIK.

So, we need you to turn off “Anti-Aliasing” in your graphics settings and it is easy to do it:

  • Run Call of Duty 4 - Modern Warfare MP

  • Go to Options

  • Graphics Settings…

  • Anti-Aliasing > off

  • Apply > Yes


or, bring up the console and use these commands individually:

  • \r_aaSamples 1

  • \ui_r_aasamples 1

  • \vid_restart

1 = off, 2 = 2X and 4 = 4X


Also, systems using the “Windows Aero” feature do this:

  • Right Click on “Call of Duty 4 - Modern Warfare MP” shortcut.

  • “Properties”

  • “Compatibility” Tab

  • Mark “Disable Visual Themes” > “Disable Desktop Compositions” > “Run Program as Administrator”

  • Apply




Please let us know if you encounter any problems here. ➜ Modern Warfare - NamelessNoobs

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