[HOW TO] Set your clan tag

Step 1) Make sure your game is closed.

Step 2) Locate your MW3 directory, which can be found in your steam folder.

Step 3) Look & open up teknogods.ini
should look like this;

Step 4) Type in Clantag=n00b and then Title=WhateverYouWant.
should look like this;

Profit ?!?

If this does not work please download MW3 Trainer and set your clantag/title with that.
Download TeknoMW3 Elite Trainer // MW3 Elite Trainer


The new tekno launcher also has the same feature build into it. Just click on the settings button.

1 - open the folder where this installed the game.
2 - find the file with the teknogods.ini name
3 - click with the law services mouse button on it and select edit
4 - now just find the clantag line and write the tag nOOb.
---- Now just open the game and enjoy

the clan tag disappeared after relaunching the game …

Just set it manualy again :stuck_out_tongue: