[How to] Use cod4 demos

1st: You click the link provided as proof.

2nd: You click “Download this file”.

3rd: You will see,you need to verify that your not a robot.
You will see a PM (private message) of alphanumeric characters which with you will need to type into a box.

4th: Click “Download Now”.

5th: If you follow these steps carefully you should be able to get the demo.

6th: Then copy the file.

7th: Open your Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare folder.

8th: Open the “main” folder.

9th: Open the “demos” folder (if you do not have this folder,simply create a new folder and rename it “demos”)

10th: Paste it in the “demos” folder.

11th: Right click on the file and and run as Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare (cod4).

And there you have 11 simple steps to Run demos.