I appeal to BANNING

In-Game name: teknoMw3

Date and approximate time of the ban: about 4 days ago more or less

server : NN 24/7 Lockdown

Why should we unban: because I do not jago nothing wrong and always walk into that server to play.
:skid: I have no fault that detected beyond the user KnifeOnlyMoab USE wallhack :naughty:

This is why your staying banned. You think I have a wallhack, and every other player that kills you has a wallhack. Your so bad at this game.

Also, you threatened to ddos the clan…>>>>> https://forum.namelessnoobs.com/t/movies/81/1 I think you should stay permanently banned.

Your parents obviously never taught you respect

Actually, threatening to ddos is a serious offense. It’s against the law in America.


Maybe we should get the police involved?

But then I’ll get in trouble for all my pr0nz :frowning:

Ok, so you were banned by Knife for two weeks for falsely accusing the good and talented players and admins of our team of hacking, especially without any sort of proof. This ban will stay active. [spoiler=“Oh and HippieYoda left you a gift”]


Ok, por lo que fueron prohibidos por el cuchillo durante dos semanas por acusar falsamente a los jugadores y administradores buenos y talentosos de nuestro equipo de la piratería, sobre todo sin ningún tipo de prueba. Esta prohibición se mantendrá activa. [spoiler=“Ah, y HippieYoda le dejó un regalo”]