I get a permanent ban, and i dont use hacks from sdiflaviano pt.2

In-Game Name: sdiflaviano

Date and Approximate Time of Banning: 17-8-2016 10:36 PM

Admin That Banned You: ras101

Any Comments You May Have: Im not a hacker and that’s one of the reasons why I want to be part of thits clan, cus i dont like the hackers

He has 24 hours to upload proof,if not you will be unbanned.
If you get unbanned you can apply.

ok, Thank you

I’ve played with you before and I’m not sure if u do really hack so.

i see u playin … kind a weird style , but i dont think u are a hacker , BUT is RAS have a solid proof , i stay banned for now VOTE : 0

idk in my opinion he is clear… +1


just wait for it lol :penis:

The firs clip with the kill cam just looks like he got a radar ping and prefired nothing suspecious to me, unless u were running assasin. Second clip looks way fishier than the first one. First of all lets address this amazing vid quality :slight_smile: , but after the first 2 kills he just pulls of some weird shit. I am personally very confused. There are only two reasons that he gets kills the way he does. Either he just got lucky in that clip and he just radar pinged everyone (which is very unlikely because assasin is greatly overused), or he is walling and hiding somewhat well. -1. ban. Rly weird play style and just an amazing snap at the end, leads me to belive he is inded walling. :ugeek:

dode you’re right was just luck, if u see the complete demo u dont goin to see nothing suspicious…idk im sorry for get that lucky kill, but is only that a lucky kill not a wall hack

Tbh I’ve seen all what I need to. And tbh when I play with u I wonder how the fuck u prefire jus when I’m about to come through the corridor but I never thought of it negatively so kudos on Ras. My decisions has changed from 0 to :

Dude I’ve posted my vid, lets see yours or you might have to stay banned…Another Thing, Why did you try to Join the Clan and you KNEW you got BANNED before?. You should stay banned for trying to deceive your way into the clan.

ps: look at my signature below, im straight savage :penis:

ok, ill goin to send a video too, is a complete gameplay of me whit the same weapon, the same killstrikes, the same game mode, was the server NamelessNoobs Lockdonw 24/7 whit 2 admis online… pls i need some time to upload it

here it is: file:///C:/Users/Diflaviano-Castillo/Videos/my%20defence/my%20defence.html (i upload it whit camtasia studio)

and ras101 your signature looks great, you do it?

Site doesn’t work

im goin to upload it to google drive… will take 4 hours

Only Savage have the skills like that :smiley: :penis:…Take your time and upload 24 hrs hasn’t gone yet

idk…can ill go to sleep? is pritty late here, and i really tired


thx do, se ya tomorrow

ok, here is my defense, you judge