I got ban without use any hack!

i got ban without use any hack!
i closed the game and back to play again and i join the server namelessnoobs the server tell me i have banned because i used hack!!! :fuckyea: :pokerface:

In-Game name: DeadEyeQe

Date and approximate time of banning: 9/24/2020

On what server you got banned: NN NukeRaidedJacked

Why should we unban you:
I don’t use cheats or hacks of any kind. First few games on a NN server and get banned for seemingly no reason. If game files or any other info is needed for the unban process I can provide them.

You don’t remember impersonating other players and cheating on Tekno MW3? Then using an unbanner to try to evade your ban multiple times?

i played plutonium since 2 years bo2 and mw3 i leave teknogods becuase plutonium is better
This is another person, not me
I do not have tools to cheat or cancel the ban!!

Unfortunately for you the IPs show otherwise.

Is it possible your brother/dad/son/grandson/etc was using your PC and cheated?

i dont think that but maybe there someone used hack in same my country and you think hes i am my name is [Gaza]DeadEyeQe since 2 years i dont use any cheat ever so i wonder how your ban me without doing anything.
I have nothing to do with them, I do not know them :hand: :snooty:
The same country but not the same person you understand me?
also i dont like cheat they are broken the game :angry: :imp:
i think they are kids so they dont know this is not allow.

Ban appeal has been denied.