I think this is a goodbye

Well a few of the clan know my situation , i get banned from the no where from lock server and unfortunately that server is the only one in teknogods where i have a decent ping (in mix i get to hight ms and get “server disconected” ) … i try almost all what i know to fix it and i buy another router and call my ips to change my ip but still banned … well i think this is a goodbye , i really like this clan but a ADM who can enter to his server are useless .

A special thanks to all because , maby this sound incredible buy this server make more strong my realtionship with my gf ( yeah she kick my ass in cod ) and only because i have tha acc in my pc she move whit me , that is a huge step and :slight_smile: thanks for the good times and i hope see all in game someday … atte: LiamNeeson

PD: u will miss my EPMs

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no! :frowning:

wtf ? i didn’t know it and also I didn’t talk with you enough but you’re good player… maybe it have solution and could still playing… but if you leave i wish you the best. greetings! :wink:

Bro you’ve been a really cool dude and it’s sad to say goodbye but I wish you the best of luck in the future bro.

You are not leaving you will be unbaned. I am just busy and i will look into you problem.

i reinstall the game , im still banned …

reviving thread… kek


Good luck man. But dont leave. I’m sure that they are trying to fix the issue.

Guys this thread is 4 months old.