I want to get unbanned

so first i dont see a rule saying that u dont need to have game bans of 2 or 3 days old, fist i log into the server farming for a bow and after i got my bow i instantly got banned from the server, i was chocked after that cause i never been banned from a server in my life, the reason i have gamebans from rust its because i got scammed im stupid i know i was so exciting after seeing i won a skin of rust 1 of the most expensive so i click on the link i put my account so many times in the website after seeing my rust game closed and asking me for a password and email. After that i message steam asking for the problam and how to fix it the next day i woke up with my account back, i was so motivated to play rust and then i saw that i was banned or something of vac account from the game so i could play on 2 days after that.

thats it i hope someone can help me with that.

Appeal has been dealt with on Discords #rust-support.

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