I was asked to provide demo although i am not banned

In-Game name : CosX||Panos

I was kindly asked to provide my demo from your NamelessNoobs 24/7 Lockdown server (mw3) by an admin of yours (sry i dont remember your name m8) after a player named NEZEV accused me for hacks. At 1st i wasnt paying attention of him in the chat cause i wasnt care at all but after a while he was accusing me a lot and spamming.
I must say that i got pretty mad and started to using a bit of abusive lang towards him which i shouldnt. Any how NESEV accused me for aimbot, and other cheating. To be more specific he was saying that from my score i cant have reaper. I told him that i stole it from an enemy that i killed before. Also for the ‘aimbot’ my team was able to have uav at almost every 1 min from their killstreaks + i had portable radar as also 3 more of my teammates.
Thats pretty much everything that happened.
Im sry but since i was asked to provide from the start of the game the demo will be large (15 mins). Enjoy :wink:

Demo : https://www.mediafire.com/?rw3k54l66907wtc
PS : (To Nezev) An advice towards you. Dont accuse some1 without any solid proof against him . Simply ask him for the demo. In my case u didnt , u just started to throw words against me which obvsly made me mad such as “im 100% sure that u hack” and “i know a hacker when i see him” etc… I tried to explain you nicely but you didnt listen. I told you that im an admin too in a clan just to let you know that i have responsibilities too and specing hackers is my job as also that im bound from my clan not to use any hacks. Next time just listen :wink:

Well the fact that you had a Reaper and a Strafe run (before 18 kills, also with almost 10 deaths or something) without the use of care packages, is a tiny little bit wrong.

I bet you havent seen the demo. I am really done with you cause either you dont get what they tell you or you really wanna piss me off for your personal fun. I srsly dont have any other explanation. You just dont get it do you ? Since you havent watched the demo (which you were the one who asked for it ) strafe run comes with calling it not via care and once again i killed an enemy who called the reaper. Watch the f**kng demo.

Alright ladies no need to get all aggressive.
I will watch the demo in a bit.

I get that you were mad hence the abusive comments and language however we don’t want that around here and our servers and this is a warning now change your behavior.