I was banned from the nameless noobs server for "appearing to be cheating"

I was playing today on the nameless noobs TDM NukeRaidedJack server, and was on hijacked. Multiple people reported me for cheating, however I was not. I was recording for a while, and will be willing to submit the video if needed. However, I was NOT cheating, modding, or doing anything to give myself an unfair advantage. Multiple people thought I was cheating because I would shoot through walls, but I either took educated guesses as to where people were most likely to be, or used gamesense to outplay opponents. I understand why it would look like I was cheating, but I was just using my brain to think. I would please like to be unbanned asap. Once again, I can and will submit the recording of me playing if needed.

Edit: Also, my name in game was KWM4.

Your ban appeal format is a mess and you didn’t even post it for the right game but I know who you are since I was playing when you were banned.

You will be unbanned since there is no evidence you were cheating apart from the anticheat which isn’t always 100% correct. Let us know if you have trouble reconnecting to the server.

thank you so much bro. just realized i posted in mw3 and my format was a mess.

User has successfully reconnected to the server.

//Appeal Accepted
//Thread Locked