I was just wondering...

ive been playing on the epic mix server quite a bit and its nice. But there is one big thing missing from it. Its map Terminal.
A cod classic. One of the best(debatably) in the whole franchise and it just sux that there are no server with good ping that have Terminal in the rotatation. So i was wondering if it was possible to put Terminal into the map rotation for the Epic Mix server.

+1 for that i like it.

Nice idea but not everybody has DLC maps
It’s a nay from me :neutral_face:

If you got the game through steam tools then you get it (which most people did) and if you’re not lazy then you’d get all dlcs anyway lolol.
I like the idea of adding terminal into the rotation.

U wot?
M8 Terminal is heaven for campers.And you can’t play it with more than 12 players in the original game,sooooooooooooo another map where I will get killed on a streak cuz of spawns.

Literaly every map in this game has retarded spawns. YOu will get shot in the back no matter what so i honestly never had any issues playing this map. Just stick to one side of the map, or flank also i think its just a well balanced map overall even for 18 if u dont just run out in the open hoping to get by and not get killed. Terminal has a lot of long distance engagments due to its 3 lane design but i personally think its a well put together map.

Oh really?
Damn silly me,I really NEVER played Terminal so I don’t know that.Thank you very much!

Ya no problem. You are so very welcome :smiley: lol

i just like doing this :penis: :penis: :penis: :penis:

btw why we still have 9v9 server we need a professional server 6v6 or 7v7 as andrew said before

True. That be hella lit

+1 For me, I think Terminal is a good Map to add

As Andorw siad is a map for camprs and the clan NN hate campers and cheaters, i know very well that because i´ve played a lot on map, more take the subject to say the maps we sould get others DLC and the terminal is one of them. What i suggest is that if you put some maps in rotation such as Dome, Hardhat and mission, are maps that we don´t need to play DLC and also avoid creating boring players.

Darth Terminal is a DLC map but it is free to get and was included in the base game a while back as an update soo. Everyone has it already instaled no matter if you own the any of the dlc or not. It is separate. And dont even get me started on Dome and Harthat. Both maps are super campy. You can easily get over 40 kills without moving an inch, just slap a portable radar at mid and wait for enemies to come your way. The spawns as well as over all flow and balance of the both maps is completely off. I just dont understand how you can even like them. Just my opinion :nerd: :ugeek: :nerd:

Lol i didn’t know the clan doesn’t like campers…btw any PLAYER could CHOOSE to CAMP on ANY MAP they feel like, so Its not the map that makes campers, the players are who decide to camp. and terminal is a free dlc map


I agree a lot with Ras.

Then, we need st0rm to make it real.