I would like to contact Nameless Noobs Server Administrator


I know than post here this topic is may not be appropriate, I’m sorry for that, if you want I can contact you by other means, by mail, in any case, I contact you for the game CoD4 MW.

As you, every day you find screenshots of cheaters, it’s annoying, some are easy to detect, just a screenshot to see it, others, much smarter, do not hesitate to activate and deactivate their hack, not to be detected, for some, it takes 150 screenshots to have one positive.

Once these cheaters are banned, what do they do? Well, it’s very simple they will cheater on other servers, However a solution exist.

We all use BigBrotherBot as favorite bot to manage the RCON of our servers, and in the last, we all have a plugin called Banlist.

I want to share my banlist,the refresh of this banlist is automatic on my side, on your side just add an update in the plugin scheduler, composed only of cheats, and of course the screenshots are available for each cheater, for each cheat detected, by this means, the players having cheated will never come cheat on your servers, since if you use my banlist you will be protected, if in case you want to unlock some, you have the whitelist.

I want to share this link in private, and not publicly on this topic, by email for example or on your discord.

I would also enjoy getting your banlist so you do not find your cheaters on my servers, and I do not stop at that, I also plan to contact others server hoster, to reduce this plague of noobs, not wanting to learn to play, but preferring to cheat.


Hello gargantz,

What servers do you speak of in regards to “our servers”?

What size is your ban list and which servers are yours?..

Good evening,

thanks for your reply fast, i have been busy lately, i am sorry.

I host several servers including a Gungame, so I suppose, that your Gungame server, would be targeted, in reality, all hosters are targeted, I am contacting them one by one, We are more often doing GETSS than we play, I exaggerate may be.

My banlist is common on my 3 servers, officially, There is only one server running, the others are not finished.
This a modification of a gungame, both on the Mod, on weapons, and gameplay.

date of commissioning officially: July 10, 2018
development on-line of the mod: May 28, 2018

There are other servers, but they are not officially put online, I work alone on this project.

For the size of the Banlist, it increases every week, to give you an idea of ​​how it works:
Each Kill, triggers a GETSS, so impossible, a cheater escapes me with this method, of course it is very expensive, because it makes many screenshots,

some cheaters use constantly their WallHack, so it’s very easy to block them, The others, tougher, Enable then disable their WallHack, which is much more difficult but it ends up being blocked,

a recent example on my Promod (unofficial Here is a link, this player has enable/disable his wallhack
it’s the first screenshot positive of this player, which proves my theory.

Here are 2 screenshots of the same player, who activates / deactivates his cheat, a few minutes of interval:



I let you get an idea of ​​the banlist, I send you the link via steam, I send you a friend request via Steam for send it: Galletti

Please note, the banlist is only cheats, so I guarantee this GUID have really cheated, no room for presuming