IgorevichXx Ban Appeal

In Game Name

Date of Ban
around 1-2 weeks ago

Reason : Rage / Racist remark

Hey um not proud of it , Last week I was really heated and I raged and I called this guy the N word in the Chat , Im really sorry . I have been playing on your server for months and I promise I wont do anything that stupid again . Thank you
it says I am banned temporarily but I have no idea how long that is .

I hope you guys understand . I was just really pissed and the little kid got out of me and I went redneck for 5 seconds lol .

I love how you get temp banned for being racist, and decided to it was a good idea to pop that display picture up. Really shows your character.

You can keep your ban.

You have been banned on 28/07/18 (00:18) - Duration 2 weeks - Rule # 1: No racism of any kind.
The ban will be automatically canceled Sat, 11/08/18 (00:18).