Important Read!

So if any of you didn’t know I am the Head Admin of our MineCraft Server. I am going to be taking a leave of absence because the only computer I am capable of playing any games on is my school laptop and I have to turn it in this Thursday for the summer. My own pc is broke(well the keyboard is) and I have to pay for it all by my self to either get it repaired or get a plugin keyboard. I hope to get enough money soon and be active in the games soon. I will still be active on the forums and try my best to help with MineCraft even though I can only use the onscreen keyboard.
If you have any questions feel free to ask ( I literally have no life) :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:

Few solutions:
*Get a job
*Enroll in summer school to continue using school computer
*Ask St0rm for an old beater computer?

Just me thinking out loud, don’t know if you do have a job, already are enrolled in ss and they don’t give you laptops for that, or if you already asked St0rm :penis:

Maybe try downloading minechat on your phone so you can still do commands and chat

Does working at Starbucks count?

Cause Obvously… Im totally not doing that over the summer. :smiley: :penis: