"Inappropriate Behavior" Perma Ban Appeal

In-Game Name: Sillylord

Date and Approximate Time of Banning: 2016-02-17 11:44 PM UTC

Admin That Banned You: NefariusHD

Any Comments You May Have: Quite a few:

  1. I was able to play a couple of days before posting this without any problem
  2. I’ve never seen such admin or player with the name NefariusHD, nor have ever expressed any “inappropriate behavior” (this is just my statement anyway)
  3. I’ve just seen the ban appeal post by iGodz, whose time and date of ban are exactly the same as mine, I have never seen him in-game either but we somehow got banned at the same time?
  4. This is not April’s Fools, and I received the notification on March 31st where I live. UPDATE: It should be past April’s Fools now
  5. I just don’t want other players to think poorly of me, and that’s the only reason why I made this ban appeal.

As you can see he changed his name a lot and he changed his Hardware ID too along with his ip. So this tells us that he uses more than 1 pc and he can change his ip.

My apologies, I thought you were vindicating for me, until you told me the otherwise in-game.
I was thinking of someone putting my name in the perma-ban list (not you guys in the admins) just to piss someone off or pulling pranks or something, considering the ban’s date is a month and a half earlier, and by someone I do not know of (NefariusHD).

Alright, serious talk, I have never used cheat, or hack, however you want to call it. I do not have any knowledge of the names or players, as in seeing them in-game or allegedly changing my information (the former is rather irrelevant anyway) like you mentioned above. I’m an IT guy but I even find using VPN to slip past my place’s intranet just to play online is such a hassle that I have not bothered to use it. Two reasons: my ping is already high enough and I am friggin lazy (irrelevant).

To clarify your claims, I do admit that I have another PC, it’s a 6-7 years old laptop, its graphics card could not run MP MW3 with above 15 fps at lowest settings and I have not used it for over 8 months now, that’s also basically before I started playing MW3 again. Also, how did I know it could at least run MW3? I played 4D1 servers back when they opened (about 3-4 years ago, it’s likely that you guys know).

About the IP, I already explained, my ping would become too high for me to even join the servers (almost 300 ping on average currently) or to play properly, apparently, also irrelevant information.

Also, 11:44 PM UTC is 6:44 AM here, I even checked my browser history and event viewer, my PC wasn’t even On from 1 AM to 10 AM (that’s 6 PM - 3 AM UTC, may also be irrelevant but just so you know)

On the final note, I’m curious about the reason I was banned for…?

NefariusHD is the name i used back in jan up until february and Inappropriate Behavior is the default reason of a ban, it said the default reason because i missed out the ‘,’ after your name so it didn’t state my reason which was Wallhack.

I’ll talk to storm and see.

I saw this person “Sillylord” in our Lockdown server last night, I assume it’s probably the same guy.

Exactly i saw him too then realised that i saw “Sillylord” and “sillylord” 1 with capital and 2nd with lower case name which got me confused af.

That was me (Sillylord, I also saw you guys). I also checked my IP, the first 4 digits matched, so I assume that’s probably me in the list too.
So what I am really confused about right now is how I ended up the perma-ban list.

Aside from the fact that the ban came into effect ~45 days later for me, despite me not being aware of it, now that I am unbanned (somehow), should I drop this case or keep explaining? I do not wish to waste anyone’s time and efforts any further.

You’re not wasting anyones time and yeah i guess we could drop this case since you’re unbanned and no one has any idea of what actually happened and how you got banned although it could have been an id conflict… I’ll ask other people along with st0rm about this and see if the case will be closed.